Unguided ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, and Jeep rentals in the beautiful backwoods of Estes Park Colorado. Affordable prices with honest service from a family run business. We rent ATV, Jeep, Snowmobile, Polaris Razor RZR rentals and tours, and Motorcycle / dirt bike rentals for tourists on vacation in and around Estes Park, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs Colorado. Our ATV, Snowmobile, UTV and Razor, and Jeep rental tours take place deep in the back country mountains around Estes Park Colorado. Our Jeep rentals take place right in Estes Park Colorado. You can ride over Trail Ridge road in Rocky Mountain National Park or through one of many mountain canyons in and around Estes Park Colorado. For each ATV, Snowmobile, Jeep, or UTV or Polaris Razor rental trip or tour we offer maps, lessons and free helmets. The ATV rentals include fuel. Imagine yourself on an ATV rental, riding secluded mountain trails. ATV, Snowmobile, or Jeep to the top of a 10,000 foot mountain. The spectacular views that can be accessed on a rental ATV, Snowmobile, Jeep, or UTV are priceless. An ATV rental, Snowmobile rental, UTV or Razor, or Jeep tour rental is one of the best things you will ever do on vacation in Estes Park Colorado, or in your life. Backbone Adventures is an equal opportunity service provider. Backbone Adventures is a permittee of Roosevelt National Forest.

"Its a unique adventure, great family fun and something you will never forget!"



Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, riding dirt bikes, ATV's, banged up old Jeeps and green broke horses, I knew early on where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. After working as a wrangler in Estes Park, I realized how much I loved working in the tourist business. I raised my daughter in the mountains offering her the same values my father taught me. Today, you’ll find one or both of us working the trail or in the shop. We love what we do and the people we meet. But, it’s more than just her and I. My wife and parents help with the business from time to time, and everyone that works here is considered family. I think this is why we are successful. We love what we do, the people, each other, and the good times. I hope you’ll come enjoy them with us. I promise you’ll never forget it. See the Gallery page for some great pics or your Jeep, ATV, Razor, UTV, or Dirt Bike ride to come.



We are the only rental company in Estes Park Colorado that offers ATV, Razors, and real sport machines. Over the years we have tried every brand name machine out there. 4 years ago, we settled on the Yamaha ATV. They are by far the most durable, reliable, and easy to use on the market. The suspension is top notch, they ride great, have plenty of power, they are very safe, and have a good center of gravity. They cost more than Polaris, Arctic cat, Canam, and the like, but I think our customers deserve the best. We use Polaris razor RZR 900s sport 2 seat UTV machines. NOTHING compares to a Razor. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying. These things are extremely fast, fun as all get out, stable (depending on how you drive), and the suspension makes the world of difference. We use the Kawasaki Teryx4 for our 4 passenger UTV. Even though Kawasaki is a Japanese company, the Teryx was designed in Lincoln Nebraska and is still built there today. The motors are made in Missouri. They are the most reliable machine we have ever owned. Our Jeeps are built up for your enjoyment. We could be like everyone else and just hand you a stock street Jeep, but what fun would that be? We have so many people that rent a Jeep and just get off driving around town looking cool, getting compliments on their Jeep because we don’t put stickers and advertisements on them like others do. Bottom line, we won’t put you in an old beat up, clunky, slow moving, heap of metal. We’re not in this business to make money hand over fist. We’re in this business for the long haul, for your enjoyment, for your family. If you don’t get the best value, the best service, and one hell of a good time, we’re not happy. Your happiness is our happiness, and that’s what makes this whole thing works.



With ATV's, we are permitted through the National Forest Service and have the “Adopt a Trail” for Bunce School Road. Bunce is one of the most popular riding areas in Colorado. It has a little something for everyone. There is plenty of easy, faster moving trail, as well as challenging rocky terrain, and everything in between. The plane crash site on trail 203 (only open from June to November 25th) is a favorite attraction. I won’t tell you much about it, I don’t want to spoil it for you. But, it’s really cool, sad but cool. There is a rock out cropping on the trail to the plane crash you MUST see. It’s a great photo opp. The other favorite on Bunce is Pony Lake. This is a popular moose hang out, and the small lake is absolutely stunning in the spring and early summer. Heads up, if you see a moose, especially a cow with her calf, or a bull, stay clear. Bears have been sighted on Bunce quite often. Don’t worry to much about those guys. Again though, stay clear. You will usually see them on a dead run or in a tree. ATV’s scare them. We have quite a few people who propose to their girlfriends up there. Everyday is truly an adventure on Bunce for our guests, and us as well. Can’t wait for you to see it.
Jeeps are a different story. When you rent a Jeep from us, it’s yours for the day. You can take it anywhere you like. See our Trails tab for just a few options.